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Physician formulated and tested, Dea Bella Eyelash Conditioner will enhance brittle, thin, weak eyelashes into longer, stronger, thicker eyelashes. Dea Bella Eyelash Conditioner guarantees that you will have naturally beautiful eyelashes in as few as 2-8 weeks.

Dea Bella can also be applied to your eyebrows and lower lash line if necessary.

可用性: 现货

US$ 120.00


  1. Clean the applicable areas thoroughly with soap. Completely dry area.
  2. Apply a thin line of Dea Bella once a day before bedtime. DO NOT APPLY MORE THAN ONCE A DAY.
  3. You may apply Dea Bella to your upper lash, lower lash and eyebrows daily to enhance growth.

Note: Make sure it is dry before sleeping or applying additional make up.


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