Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply Dea Bella?

Apply Dea Bella once a day to the base of your upper eyelash before bedtime. Be sure to clean area completely w/ soap and water. A thin layer is all you need, and if you desire you can apply to the lower lash line and eyebrows.

How much longer will my eyelashes grow?

Because everybody is different, results vary from person to person. On average it grows 2-3 times your current length.

How quickly will I begin to see results?

Our tests have shown depending on age and other factors that you will see results between 2-8 weeks.

How long will the container last?

Dea Bella should last approximately 2-3 months. The container will last a shorter time if applied to other areas such as lower lash line and eyebrow.

Will I get better results if I use Dea Bella more then once a day?

No. Dea Bella works most effectively being applied once a day. It is neither necessary nor recommended to use more than once a day.

What happens when I stop using Dea Bella?

It is recommended to continue to use Dea Bella to maintain the desired appearance as it will nourish and replenish your lashes.

There is a little stinging sensation. Is that normal?

Yes. It is Dea Bella working to make your eyelashes longer. It will go away in a couple minutes.

What should I do if I get some Dea Bella accidentally into my eye?

You should wash the contact area immediately with plenty of water. If irritation continues please consult your physician immediately.